What things do you want to take back to home country from China?

After living in China for many years now, there are things that expats want to take back to home country from China. They do not know that can live without – these are some of those things.

1. High-Speed Rail, take back to home country from China 

take back to home country from China

How awesome is high-speed rail in China!

Many people just cannot express how incredible this is.

Today, it’s a completely different picture. The world’s most populous nation has — by some distance — the world’s largest network of high-speed railways.
No fewer than 37,900 kilometers (about 23,500 miles) of lines crisscross the country, linking all of its major mega-city clusters, and all have been completed since 2008.
Half of that total has been completed in the last five years alone, with a further 3,700 kilometers due to open in the coming months of 2021.
The network is expected to double in length again, to 70,000 kilometers, by 2035.
With maximum speeds of 350 kph (217 mph) on many lines, intercity travel has been transformed and the dominance of airlines has been broken on the busiest routes.
By 2020, 75% of Chinese cities with a population of 500,000 or more had a high-speed rail ink.
Spain, which has Europe’s most extensive high-speed network and occupies second place in the global league table, is a minnow in comparison with just over 2,000 miles of dedicated lines built for operation at over 250 kph.
In contrast, the UK currently has just 107 kilometers while the United States has only one rail route that (just about) qualifies for high-speed status — Amtrak’s North East Corridor, where Acela trains currently top out at 240 kph on expensively rebuilt sections of existing line shared with commuter and freight trains.

2. Efficient metros/subways, etc

Clean, bright, efficient and modern subway stations in China.

Take Beijing Subway as an example.

The Beijing Subway is the rapid transit system of Beijing Municipality that consists of 25 lines including 20 rapid transit lines, two airport rail links, one maglev line and 2 light rail lines, and 459 stations.

The rail network extends 783 km (487 mi) across 12 urban and suburban districts of Beijing and into one district of Langfang in neighboring Hebei province.

With 3.8484 billion trips delivered in 2018, an average of 10.544 million trips per day, the Beijing Subway is the world’s busiest metro system. Single-day ridership set a record of 13.7538 million on July 12, 2019.

The Beijing Subway opened in 1971 and is the oldest metro system in mainland China and on the mainland of East Asia. Before the system began its rapid expansion in 2002, the subway had only two lines.

The existing network still cannot adequately meet the city’s mass transit needs. Beijing Subway’s extensive expansion plans call for 998.5 km (620.4 mi) of lines serving a projected 18.5 million trips every day when Phase 2 Construction Plan finished (around 2025).

The most recent expansion came into effect on December 31, 2021, with opening of the initial sections of Lines 11, 17 and 19, and six other extensions on existing lines.

3. Fruit shops everywhere

It is incredibly easy to buy fresh fruit and vegetables from pretty much anywhere.

The quality is normally very good, the price is very reasonable and the range covers everything you might need to pick up quickly on your way home. 

4. safety 

You don’t think twice about walking home alone at 2 AM

China is widely accepted as one of the safest countries to live in, as evidenced by a 24.3% drop in its number of criminal cases between 2016 and 2019.

This improvement was announced in a work report published on Monday by the State Council on the law enforcement of public security organs during an ongoing session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature.

The case number of crimes against property, including theft and robbery, fell 48.5%.

There are security checkpoints in every train and subway facility across the country! China has also banned the use of guns and drugs.

5. E-commerce

You can buy ANYTHING on these websites, and the customer service is usually brilliant. The fact that you can get stuff shipped to you across the country in 24 hours is incredible. Super fast and good delivery service.

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