Do You Really Know Your Phone Number in China 2022?

Maybe the first thing after passing the China custom is to buy a SIM card, and get a phone number. But do you really know your phone number in China?

Know Your Phone Number in China

How Does China Phone Number Look Like?

All phone numbers in China are with 11 digitals (not including the country code 0086), begin with 1, like this:

0086 13X XXXX XXXX

0086 15X XXXX XXXX

0086 17X XXXX XXXX

How to Know Your Phone Number in China?

The MDN number is actually equivalent to your ID card. It is mainly used in China. This number will not change unless the account is cancelled.

Example of MDN

It can be seen from the above that this number is actually composed of country code, mobile access number, HLR identification code and mobile subscriber number. The number in the picture is from China Mobile.

Country Code: abbreviated as CC. Mainland China’s country code is 86, and the first two zeros are actually our + sign. This symbol can be entered by long pressing 0 in the dialing interface, or it can be replaced by two zeros. In China, this code can be used or not. It is mainly used to make domestic calls during international calls.

Here’s a summary of the Chinese international dialling codes:

Mainland ChinaHong KongMacauTaiwan

With that explanation out of the way, the rest of this article will focus on phone codes in Mainland China.

Mobile Accessing Code, MAC, the network number of the mobile communication network and the top three mobile phone numbers.

For example, China Telecom signal segment: 133, 189, 199;

China Unicom No.: 130, 131, 132, 155, 156, 166, 176, 185, 186, 196;

China Mobile number segment: 134 (0-8), 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 150, 151, 152, 158, 159, 187, 188, 198; China Radio and television section: 192;

Satellite segment 1349, etc.

HLR identification code, is home location register, abbreviated as HLR. This code, in fact, is what we call the place of belonging identifier. This identification code has 4 digits, and the most common one is the area code, such as 010 in Beijing, 020 in Guangzhou, 021 in Shanghai, 0755 in Shenzhen, 0532 in Qingdao, 0531 in Jinan, 0535 in Yantai, etc.

The mobile subscriber number is Subscriber Number in English, abbreviated as SN. It is used to distinguish users within the operator, and it is also our final number.

There are also IMSI for each SIM card, which is International Mobile Subscriber Identity, but it is not that frequently used.

Click the following link, you can search the your phone HLR (home location register)

How to Ask for Someone’s Phone Number in Chinese?

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